Sustainable solutions

The World Forest Forum is involved in crafting solutions that further develop the use of forests while mitigating negative climate impact.

We are a foundation whose purpose lies in promoting positive local and global development of human use and management of forests. The goal is for all forest values to be used to build sustainability – social, economic, environmental and climate-focused.

We are engaged in three areas of forest development:

  1. Future forestry
    What will the role of forests be for societies in the future?
  2. New products and services that actively reduce global heating
    How can we put wood, a perpetually renewable raw material, to the best possible use?
  3. Sustainable paths to recreation and experiences
    How much is a metre of forest path worth to you?

Our goals

Our long-term goal is for our global foundation to be a catalyst and a platform for the use and development of all of the forest’s resources by pursuing issues that lead to clear results. We will engage private citizens, forest owners, companies and organizations who see forests as a sustainable and perpetually renewable resource:

  • We will create local solutions that can be exported globally to the benefit of all humankind.
  • We will begin in Granö in northern Sweden, where we will develop methods, associations, novel ideas and companies. This is where we will develop our prototypes. But as soon as Day Two, we will be ready for export.
  • We will create the conditions for nurturing the full potential of forests to generate small- and large-scale sustainable products and services.
  • We will teach people the value of properly managing forests.
  • We will instil strong commitment among a broad base of stakeholders, such as politicians, forest owners, investors, researchers, non-profit organizations and innovators.
  • We will create a permanent meeting place where we gather key people with a clear focus on solutions to issues and concrete results.
  • We will create perspective and consider both next week and 200 years from now simultaneously.
  • We will find new products and services during the forest lifecycle to foster motivation to invest in the short-term and long-term. We will break our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • We will create the conditions for new business ideas that create local jobs – vibrant rural areas are sustainable!

The people behind the project

Jan Wejdmark
WFF founder and board chair
Maria Hedblom
WFF founder and director
Tomas Lundmark
WFF founder and director
Greta von Rosen Stövind
WFF founder and director
Gunnar Olofsson
WFF founder and director
Bengt Waldemarson
WFF founder and director