Exciting solutions for a sustainable future

Our idea is simple, yet global. Together with our partners, forest owners, financiers, researchers and entrepreneurs, we will get better at making the most of forests and everything that can be done with forests. We will develop new products and services based on forestry and wood as a perpetually renewable raw material. We will develop new ways of experiencing the forest. We will develop new ways of owning and cultivating forests. And we will create new companies and jobs for the people who live in forest regions.

Many others have started down this road, but far too slowly. Many great ideas lack financing, have become lost in the halls of commerce, stuffed into government binders, jotted down in memos and notes and forgotten, or studied ad infinitum without ever reaching the rich soil where they can germinate and grow into something new and vitally important for humanity.

Hållbar framtid genom nya produkter

We have started in the village of Granö in Västerbotten, northern Sweden. We are our own workshop. Here, we can go from talk to action in a single morning. We have discussions at the breakfast table, decide what we should do, open the door and walk into the forest – to do what we said we would. And find out what works. This can include anything from planting seedlings in a new way, using wood instead of other raw materials, or making the forest accessible as an area for fitness and wellness for many, many more people. Or why not teach others how to use ten different species of wood to build a sustainable house?

Our goal is to find solutions that work locally in Granö – and then make them work globally.

En hållbar framtid där trä ersätter plast

Ongoing concrete projects – 2022


Placing a high value on nature is a business opportunity. How can we create sustainable business models with the purpose of ensuring and developing rich biodiversity in cultivated forests? The possibilities for market-based alternatives that can complement formal protection are being explored through partnerships between research and entrepreneurship.

Carbon credits

CO2 emitters should be able to pay CO2 capturers. We are launching a collaborative agreement with Carbon Capture Company who offer climate compensation with the assistance of Swedish forest owners. Forest owners who commit to ensuring a carbon sink in their forest contribute to mitigating carbon emissions from other sectors in society. That benefit to the climate is demonstrated and priced by Carbon Capture Company AB.


Further development of a small-scale, flexible drone-based system for the precision spreading of forest fertilizer.

New technology minimizes the risk of negative environmental impacts and enables both targeted fertilization of individual trees or seedlings and more traditional broadcast fertilization. This is being developed in cooperation with Skogstekniska klustret and Nordluft AB.

Planting new forests

Planting new forests on surplus land that is no longer being actively used for its original purpose, such as abandoned arable land, creates new carbon sinks. In cooperation with Absorb AB, we are looking for landowners who are interested in planting new forests so that we can offer private citizens a way to participate in climate compensation with the help of new Swedish forests.

Nature guide

Many beautiful places are hidden treasures in nature. With digital technology, entirely new solutions for guided tours in forests can be developed. The aim is to make forests more accessible to people while identifying business opportunities for forest owners and companies that offer experience tourism. This is a start-up project in which a prototype will be developed in partnership with Granö Beckasin.