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Biodiversity – why does it matter?

The World Forest Forum aims to create real meeting places where new solutions can be born. We invite people with varied experiences and backgrounds to look at the challenges facing forests together.

We want to engage private citizens, forest owners, companies and organizations that see forests as a sustainable and perpetually renewable resource.

We are starting in Granö in northern Sweden, where we are working together to create new  methods, ideas and businesses. This is where we are creating the prototypes that will be spread further.

We regularly hold various events, some that are open to all comers and some that are aimed at a specific target group. All events are currently held online, but as soon as health guidelines allow gatherings, we will invite visitors to our meeting place in Granö.

Biodiversity is one of WFF’s main focus areas. To get the wheels turning, our foundation organized an intensive workshop in November under the headline Biodiversity – why does it matter? A broad representation of various organisations and companies talked about how we could further develop biodiversity while also creating added value for forest owners.

Researcher Aleksandra Holmlund also presented her recently initiated research project studying the opportunities for market solutions for biodiversity.

Upcoming events in the spring will continue to explore this subject, and we will take a look at international prospects at the first available opportunity.