World Forest Forum 2023

How does Ericson work with biodiversity – what does the future look like?

På vilket sätt mäter Ericsson det avtryck verksamheten har på den biologiska mångfalden och hur följer företaget upp det? Finns det ny teknik som kan effektivisera och höja kvaliteten på klimatinsatser? Mats Pellbäck Scharp, Head of Sustainability, Ericsson, deltog under World Forest Forum 2023 och hans presentation finns här.

Föreläsningen ges på engelska.

Mats Pellbäck Scharp is Head of Sustainability at Ericsson with responsibility for climate action, circular economy, energy performance as well as product portfolio aspects of digital inclusion and triple bottom line impact of products, services and company operations. During mats leadership the company has set targets that are accepted to be on a 1.5°C by the Science Based Target initiative. Mats is representing Ericsson in various boards and advisory roles such as WEF CEO Climate Leaders senior advisors’ group and on the board of The Pathway Coalition as well as member of the steering group for the Exponential Climate Action Roadmap.