World Forest Forum 2023

Prerequisites for impactful and efficient private sector investment in natural resource conservation and management

Hur kan man skapa möjligheter på en global nivå för den privata marknaden att göra investeringar för att bevara och utveckla den biologiska mångfalden? Under World Forest Forum 2023 deltog Maxim Vergeichik, UNDP, och gav en internationell utblick.

Föreläsningen ges på engelska.

Maxim Vergeichyk is UNDP’s senior nature economist. He supports UNDP engagement in projects aiming at nature-positive development, working on nature-related financial disclosures, debt instruments, government and private sector planning for biodiversity-positive budgets and projects. Maxim has experience in designing and managing national, regional and global projects in sustainable natural resource management and conservation, overseeing portfolios worth around $100 in annual budgets, working with governments, private sector, NGO and research communities. Maxim holds a BA from the University of Falmouth, MSc. in economics from Belarus State University, and MSc. in Management of Technology from University of Boulder.